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Skeleton Car

i'm not sure when i did this, but it was a while ago. i was doing some cleaning and i came across it. i like it.

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best of 2008

i know i'm a couple weeks late on all the best of 08 stuff but here it is,
the 2008 edition of
'the Shane Muthafuckin Heron Awards'.


best comic shop(s) : The Comic Room (Scarborough), Labyrinth (Annex), Grey Region(Downtown), Heroes World ( Markham )

best new series : KickAss by Mark Millar & John Romita jr

best ongoing series: Daredevil

best Marvel book(s):Daredevil, Thor, KickAss, Astonishing X-Men

best DC book(s): All-Star Superman, Ex Machina

best indy book(s): MouseGuard, Walking Dead, Invincible, RASL, Umbrella Academy

best publisher: Top Shelf

best Original Graphic Novel(s): Essex County volume 3: Country Nurse, Little Things by Jeffrey Brown, Sulk #1 by Jeffrey Brown, That Salty Air by Tim Sievert, Boys Club by Matt Furie

best Hardcover(s): the Goon: ChinaTown

best writer(s): Robert Kirkman, Ed Brubaker, Mark Millar, Joss Whedon

best artist(s): John Romita JR, Olivier Coipel, John Cassaday, Frank Quitely, Jeff Lemire, Tony Harris, David Peterson, Dale Keown, Joe Madureira, Frank Cho, John Paul Leon, Travel Foreman, Jeff Smith, Ed McGuinness

best cover artist(s): Art Adams ( Incredible Hercules, Avengers Classic ) , James Jean ( Umbrella Academy, Fables )

best new character(s): Umbrella Academy, KickAss

biggest surprise(s): Joe Madureira actually finishing all 5 issues of Ultimates 3. Umbrella Academy

biggest letdown(s): Astonishing X-Men by Warren Ellis & Simone Bianchi. Ultimates 3. Red Hulk. Secret Invasion

best mini-series: Umbrella Academy

best convention(s): HeroesCon ( June, Charlotte, NC), Paradise Toronto Comicon (July), Hobbystar's Fan Appreciation Show (April)

best sketch(es) I got: 'Cameron from Ferris Buellers Day Off' Trading Card by Jeffrey Brown, 'Shagaharamesh' by Kent Burles, Agnes Garbowska, & Jeff Lemire

best personal meeting(s): Jeffrey Brown, Erik Larsen & Darwyn Cooke, Jimmy Aquino from Comic News Insider, Jimmy Palmiotti, all in Charlotte @ HeroesCon.

most excited about in 2009: Scott Pilgrim volume 5!!!!!!! (Feb), Jeff Lemires Vertigo project, Boys Club 2 by Matt Furie


best podcast(s): Quiet! Panelologists @ Work, Around Comics, CrankCast, Digital Kontent, SmodCast, Indie Spinner Rack, Movies You Should See, BeatDown with TJ De Santis, Savage Dog Show, WordBallon with John Siuntres

best NEW podcast(s): Devil & Me with Skottie Young & Casey McCauley. Stop Podcasting Yourself with Graham Clark & Dave Shumka

best blog(s): Crooked Little World by j.Truong, That's The Heavy by D. Truong,, ,

best web comic(s): We The Robots by Chris Harding, Peeling Onions by Lezley Davidson, Fart Party by Julia Wertz, Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto, Horay Bear by Jenny Robbins


best rock artist(s): ACDC , Metallica, Kings of Leon, Black Keys

best rock album(s): ACDC : Black Ice, Metallica: Death Magnetic, Kings of Leon: Only by Night, Black keys : Attack & Release

best rock single(s): Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon, Psychotic Girl - Black Keys, the Day That Never Comes - Metallica, Rock & Roll Train - ACDC

best hip hop artist(s): Three 6 Mafia, Game, Ice Cube, T.I.

best hip hop album(s): Three 6 Mafia: Last 2 Walk, T.I. : Paper Trail, Game : L.A.X. , Ice Cube : Raw Footage

best hip hop single(s): Whatever You Like - T.I. , That's Right - Three 6 Mafia, I'd Rather - Three 6 Mafia, State of Emergency - Game

best concert(s): ACDC @ the Rogers Centre November 08, GirlTalk @ Kool Haus November 08, Clutch @ the Phoenix March 08


best awesome movie(s): Rambo, Burn After Reading, Wall-E, Juno

funniest movie(s): Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, Semi-Pro

biggest surprise movie(s): Wall- E

best television series: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Office