Monday, August 25, 2008

watch out!

some great movies i watched

1) Thank You For Smoking - i've owned this dvd for over a year and my roommate put it in so i watched. great movie! very different. i really liked Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor. Bobby Duvall, David Koechner, Maria Bello, and J.K. Simmons were all great. even Katie Holmes was excellent. and Rob Lowes very small part was fuckin hilarious. only performance i did not like was Nick's kid, played by Cameron Bright. he was not very convincing, but i guess good child actors are hard to come by. this is a very eye opening movie and it actually has you rooting for the 'bad guys'. GREAT

2) the Darjeeling Limited - i watched this in theatres back in (i think) September of 2007, with the Digital Kontent crew. this being my first experience with Wes Anderson films i wasn't sure if i really liked it or it was just meh, when i left the theatre. now that i watched it a couple times on the dish i figured out that i really love this movie. i actually became an Owen Wilson fan because of Darjeeling ( never thought that would happen). Jason Swartzman & Adrian Brody were excellent as well, but i think the visuals steal the show. the beautiful shots of India from a train just blew me away. i really dig this movie. GREAT

3) Semi-Pro - first couple times i didn't really like this movie, but luckily i watched it about 6 times. what i don't like about SemiPro is the scenes with Woody Harrelson and his chick, they just kill all the good comedy. i need to get and figure out how to use some video editing software because when you take out all the Woody Harrelson love crap, this is a fuckin hilarious movie. this is a GREAT movie. watch it minimum 4 times and then you will see the brilliance. do it.

Friday, August 22, 2008


i got down to a newer comic shop on bloor w. @ spadina. it's called the Labyrinth and it is quite a nice shop. they don't carry single issues, just trades, hardcovers and a huge selection of art books and sketch books. i really like this store and i will be going by regularly.

one book that i picked up was the trade collection of the web comic 'White Ninja', by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle. i've heard great things about White Ninja and i wanted to see what it was all about because people are constantly comparing Awesome Marcus Ninja to White Ninja. i did not like this book. i will be completely honest, Awesome Marcus Ninja is very different than White Ninja. i am not saying this because White Ninja is competition in the comic ninja market, if i found it funny i would not be shy to say it. it is a very big book of comics but i found i laughed at, maybe, 10 percent of the strips. some were very funny but they were few and far between. LAME

i also picked up the third volume in the Essex County Trilogy : the Country Nurse, by Jeff Lemire. i loved it! BRILLIANT! this book was short and sweet and to the point, tying up all the loose ends. Jeff Lemire is a master story teller.

My new favorite actor

my new favorite actor is DANNY McBRIDE!
he was great in Heartbreak kid with Ben Stiller, i hear he is excellent in Tropic Thunder, i heard he steals the show in Pineapple Express, Will Ferrell claims to have watched The FootFist Way (written & starring McBride) over 30 times, and most importantly, he was the best part of Hot Rod. McBride is the dude to watch! you watch! do it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the Office

the Office (american version) - i watched all of season 1 ( 6 episodes) 3 times. i finally know what everyone is talking about. i love it. the entire cast is great. i will be buying seasons 2 and 3 soontime. BRILLIANT

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Indie Spinner Rack HeroesCon coverage - Check it!

Check out Indie Spinner Rack episode #135 , featuring 4 bad ass interviews with Pat Lewis, Josh Cotter, and 2 of my favorite creators, Nick Gurewitch & Jonathan Hickman.

this episode also features a bunch of comic/ road trip chat that Charlito recorded with Mr. Phil, Awesome Marcus Ninja writer Joel Buxton and most importantly, ME, on our very long drive down to Charlotte for Heroescon.

Indie Spinner Rack is one of my favorite podcasts and they got all kinds of great episodes and interviews that you can download for free. if you only have time to listen to one episode, go with #135 because i'm on it. ha


Thursday, August 7, 2008

X Factor Relaunch!!!!!!!

This is a mock cover of X-Factor i did for my pal Milo's birthday. it took forever to finally get it to him but i'm pretty proud of how it turned out. i basically just featured Milo's 2 favorite X-Factor members, StrongGuy and Madrox ( Multiple Man). please also note that i billed Milo and I as the writer / artist team. this may be just a mock cover but i really think Marvel should hand over the X-Factor reins to us. we would kick major asses.