Friday, November 8, 2013

My New Favorite Artist(s) : From A Hat

There's a new group of extremely talented young artists that you must know about.  

They are a collective called From A Hat.  
They pick a new subject/character every week or so 
& the group shows their different takes on the subject.

While I'm not familiar with the entire roster of artists 
I wanted to highlight a few that really 'wow' me with each new piece.

Paris Alleyne 

Jamal Pryce Campbell

Matt Simas

Jahnoy Lindsay

Te'Shawn Dwyer

Dylan Burnett

Please 'like' the From A Hat Facebook page 

I can't wait to see every new image these guys create. 

They're going places.  Watch and see. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

FAN EXPO 2013!!!!

Starting today until sunday we will be 
debuting Black Hole Hunters Club #2 
at Fan Expo Canada 
in the Toronto Metro Convention Centre!!

Ricky Lima & I will be sharing table A115 with our pal Chris Yao. 

Let me tell ya what's going down!

We have the all new issue #2 of Black Hole Hunters Club!
We have a second printing of issue #1 because we sold 'em all! 
So if you missed out on it the first time come git it.

AT table A357 you will find Brian Evinou and Phil McClorey with some bad ass books called Monstrosity!
I got an 8 page story in there and there's too many amazing creators in it.  Get that too!

At table A313 you will find David Bishop!  David is the man who brought us the wonderful colors on both Black Hole Hunters covers and is an amazing artist/writer/handsome fella in his own right.
He will have his awesome book Stranger as well as his new one called Of Stone.  
I happen to have a bad ass pin up in that book so, y'know, go get that too!

At table P87 you will find Adam Gorham & Fred Kennedy of Big Sexy Comics! they will have the third and final book of Teuton, which I also happen to have a pin up in as well! SO GO GET THAT TOO!

Like I mentioned before, Chris Yao will be sharing our table (A115 REMEMBER THAT!).

Chris will have a new collection of all his Holmes Inc stories to date. 
So, come on, don't be a cheapskate, get that too!

AT table A266 will be 4 of my pals, Sam Noir, Dyl Kloepfer, Grant Howarth & Brice Hall!!
These talented dudes got all kinds of awesome shit! 
We're talking Omega Zone!  
Adam Brochu! 
Russian Zombie Hat!
Heady Mental!
and of course, Victorian 4, which..... I happen to have 3 pages in.  
I pencilled, Chris Yao inked me & I colored.  
Not to mention some killer art by Matt Tavares that make sup most of the book!

Get some of those books too! what are you ? Insane? Of course you're not.

On top of everyone I mentioned there's a million (one million!) amazing creators at the Fan Expo this weekend so you would be silly not to go!
Here's a big bunch of preview art of new characters debuting in Black Hole Hunters Club issue #2.  
See y'all at the show!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Hole Hunter's Club Cover Process

I wanted to take this post to thank everyone who bought The Black Hole Hunter's Club.  Ricky and I (but mostly Ricky) sold a hell of a lot more than we expected to.  We are currently working on issues #2 & #3 so we can have #2 ready for Fan Expo 2013 (Toronto) & #3 by early fall.  If you are interested in picking up a copy we have them available at 3 of the finest stores in the GTA. 

Here's a breakdown of the cover process.

#1- We had little time to get our cover done so that we could launch to at 
Free Comic Book Day 2013 so I had to do it quite simple.  Simple but effective.  
Since it's a Sci-Fi we could use space as the backdrop which was very helpful.  
I usually do multiple sketches/concepts but for this cover I did only this one 
& sent it off to Ricky for approval.  

#2 - We both liked the concept sketch so I started on the final version.  
My normal method is to fully pencil and then ink my stuff but again, because we had much less time, I did very loose, light pencils and then did most of the drawing in ink with my Winsor Newton series #7 brushes. 
I actually did the whole book in this style and found it gave everything a bit more energy. 

#3) After it was all drawn and inked, I scanned it in & cleaned it up.  
This is the stage where I used a small, soft, low-opacity brush in photoshop 
to dot the black space behind to give it those stars.

#4) Now this is the most important stage and where everything all came together.  
With little time before our deadline, we reached out to our pal David Bishop and he agreed to color our cover.  If you don't know David Bishop, he is another incredibly 
talented local creator & he does a great zombie comic called Stranger
which is available online and in those previously mentioned comic shops. 
I also just previewed David's new book 'Of Stone' 
that will be out in time for Fan Expo this summer 
and let me tell you, you'll want this book. 

So, David quickly turned around the colors on the cover and did such a great job.  
I know how I would've done it & this was much better than anything I pictured. 
Ricky & I both agreed that this had so much wonderful energy now.  

#5 - All I had left to do was create a cool looking title.  
I was just playing around with simple fonts that come with photoshop 
and this is what I came up with.  It's kind of a retro looking thing. 

I really just want to make sure I thank everyone involved in making this book such a success.  The Comic Book Lounge, Paradise Comics, Stadium Comics, Kieren Smith, David Bishop, Sam Noir & everyone else who picked up the book and who will pick up the book.  #2 will be out very soon. Thanks. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


I want to get the word out about an awesome new book in the works!  This book is called             MONSTROSITY!!  

It's the follow up anthology to last year's very successful Horror In The West.  I have an 8 page story in there written by Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk.  

On top of that, look at this line up!!  

 J.Bone (Multiple Eisner nominee and artist on DC’s Super Friends and IDW’s Rocketeer) –Summer Summoning
Noel Tuazon (Eisner nominated artist on Archaia’s Tumor) and James Turner (SLG’s Warlord of Io, Rex Libris)– Boggart
Fred Kennedy (Teuton) and Gibson Quarter – Princess Patty
Shawn Alridge (Vic Boone) and Rob Croonenborghs  – Kingu Tora
Sam Agro – Murphy’s Law
Julie Faulkner (Promises Promises) and C.M Morgado –Dinner in Deepwell
Jason Loo (Loo Harvest) – The Grizzly Biker
A.G. Pasquella (New Town, Why Not A Spidermonkey Jesus?) and Dan Simon (No Reason)  – It Came From Within
Stephen Sloan - Witch Grifter General
Marvin Law – Kronk the Neanderthal in Of Men and Monsters
Brian Evinou – Wyrms of Coltha and No Way, No How
Adam Christopher – War Stories of the Occult
Fabian Rangel Jr. (Los Muertos and Doc Unknown) and Austin Rogers – Jack Manzo in Junk Food
Jim McMunn – The Brain
Kris Waddell (Mirror Comics) and Toma Feizo Gas – The Refuge
Ricky Lima and Rodrigo Bravo – Stones on the Shore
Tony Taylor – Back Cover


 There's currently an Monstrosity IndieGoGo  campaign with some very cool perks for your donations.  There are sketches available and there is some cool original artwork from the stories in the book.  

Please check it out.  

Here's some of my pages below  

Friday, May 3, 2013


Tomorrow (MAY 4th!) on Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics in Brampton we are launching The Black Hole Hunter`s!  

This comic was co-created by Ricky Lima and myself.  The cover colors provided by David Bishop himself! check out David`s Stranger HERE !!

I just got the books from Guerilla Printing and they loooooook amazing!! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My New Favorite Artist: James Edward Clark

Please check out fellow Toronto artist James Edward Clark.  His stuff is wow.  I'm not sure where you can get his new comic book 'Evil' (I got it off the man himself) but contact him and pick up a copy. $5 full color and it's incredible.  

check out his BLOG Here and his website 

- Heron

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life Drawing

 I'll be honest, I'm not happy with any of these but it's still a good exercise and I felt I should post it regardless.