Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my new favorite comic : I Am Going To Be Small by Jeff Brown , from Top Shelf

i was strolling down Yonge st. last week, & i checked out , Grey Region (550 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Y8 (416) 975-1718) & i ended up spending about $65 on cool ass indy books.

the best of my new stack is Jeff Brown's I Am Going To Be Small

i am a big Top Shelf & Jeff brown fan & this book is , by far, the funniest book Jeff has ever done.

one of the funniest books ever! if you're a fan of the Farside comic strip , then you'll love this.

it is a collection of sketches and cartoons & is a must-own for any fan of Jeffrey Brown.

it is fuckin' hilarious! i was literally laughing-out-loud (lol , believe it)

if you have any brains in your head or any money in your pocket you should buy this book!

i love it.


i also picked up

Books With Pictures by Sina Grace http://www.sinagrace.com/

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