Friday, August 22, 2008


i got down to a newer comic shop on bloor w. @ spadina. it's called the Labyrinth and it is quite a nice shop. they don't carry single issues, just trades, hardcovers and a huge selection of art books and sketch books. i really like this store and i will be going by regularly.

one book that i picked up was the trade collection of the web comic 'White Ninja', by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle. i've heard great things about White Ninja and i wanted to see what it was all about because people are constantly comparing Awesome Marcus Ninja to White Ninja. i did not like this book. i will be completely honest, Awesome Marcus Ninja is very different than White Ninja. i am not saying this because White Ninja is competition in the comic ninja market, if i found it funny i would not be shy to say it. it is a very big book of comics but i found i laughed at, maybe, 10 percent of the strips. some were very funny but they were few and far between. LAME

i also picked up the third volume in the Essex County Trilogy : the Country Nurse, by Jeff Lemire. i loved it! BRILLIANT! this book was short and sweet and to the point, tying up all the loose ends. Jeff Lemire is a master story teller.

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