Thursday, December 18, 2008


so i was at the Silver Snail last Saturday and Milo convinced me that it would be in my best interests to pick up 'The HULK 100 Project' , because there would , apparently , be only 1 printing. i did, and i did not regret this. this book is just 100 plus artists doing their version of a HULK cover, and proceeds go to 'the HERO initiative'. this book is GREAT . there are too many great covers in here so I'll quickly mention my favourites.

Agnes Garbowska, Leonard Kirk (#2) , Carlo Pagulayan, Dale Keown ( draws the best Hulk, end of story), Nick Bradshaw, Jae Lee, & my hero, Joe Quesada.reading this inspired me to do one of my own. here is the result.

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