Thursday, March 12, 2009

Columbus, OHIO - PART 2 - Arnold Classic Fitness Expo March 7 2009

the UFC 96 Truck WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres

Kickboxing match. One of many competitions going on at the Arnold Classic Weekend

UFC Booth at the Arnold Fitness Expo

Fellow Canadian , David 'the Crow' Loiseau

Aidan with UFC Interim Heavyweight Champ, Frank Mir

UFC Lightweight Diego 'Nightmare' Sanchez. Super nice guy. I wasn't a huge fan before but after meeting him I am now a huge fan. Go Diego Go !

WEC Featherweight Champ, Mike Thomas Brown

Former UFC Lightweight Champ, Sean 'the Muscle Shark' Sherk

Former WWE Champ & now MMA fighter, Bobby Lashley

WWE Champ Triple H

Aidan with former UFC Champ Tito Ortiz

Aidan with Affliction Light Heavy Weight, Renato 'Babalu' Sobral

I spotted 3 IFBB Hall of Famers , Chris Cormier, reigning Mr. Olympia Dexter 'the Blade' Jackson, & Kevin Levrone

look at the size of Dexters arms.

Kevin Levrone looking very happy to be in this pic with me.

the top Canadian IFBB Pro, Fouad Abiad.

Worlds largest body builder, Joel Stubbs. a personal fav of mine.

MuscleMag Publisher Bob Kennedy. A hero of mine.

Muscletech athlete & IFBB Pro, David Henry

you can't have a convention without Lou Ferrigno. well, you can but who the hell will go? not me.

IFBB Pro, Brandon Curry

IFBB Pro and promoter of High Intensity Training (HIT) , Mark Dugdale

IFBB Pro, Dennis Wolf.

former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ & Ultimate Fighter 1 Winner, Forrest Griffin

Legendary 8 time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. I think he looks scared of my guns.

the Baddest Man on Earth, Chuck Zito. tough dude but super nice.

UFC Light Heavyweight, Houston 'the Assassin' Alexander.

Forme UFC & Pride fighter Don 'the Predator' Frye.

the man, the legend, 'El Guapo' Bas Rutten . I got to watch Bas do a Michael Jackson impression to Smooth Criminal. it wasn't pretty but it was funny.

On my way out of the Expo I ran into Mike Katz of Pumping Iron fame. I got him to sign my copy of Pumping Iron and he insisted this car be in the background of the photo.


Milo said...

Holy Fuck!

It looks like you had the best time of all time.

Anonymous said...

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uuuuuu said...

I was wondering about Mike Katz last night after watching an Arnold movie thanks for the picture.
Did you ever see the any of the other guys that started in the movie.

Anonymous said...

some real legends here