Monday, May 25, 2009

UFC 98 - Machida-era begins

I want say how happy I am that Lyoto 'the Dragon' Machida is the new UFC light-heavyweight champion.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Rashad Evans and his fighting style but I find Lyoto's fighting techniques incredible to watch. Machida has an intriguing synthesis of offense/defense at the same time. To call him a counter striker doesn't do justice to his fighting style. I don't think there is another light-heavyweight right now that will be able to take the title from the newly crowned champion. Machida improves with every performance and it will be a very long time before anyone can figure a game plan to beat him. Rashad & Greg Jackson couldn't do it, & I don't think Rampage has what it takes. I think this is the beginning of a title run that will far surpass Chuck Liddell's dominant streak in the early years of Zuffa owning the UFC, that ended with Chuck losing the title to Rampage in May 2007. I am very excited to see what Machida can do.

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