Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life Drawing - Dr Sketchy's @ Cameron house

I attended the Dr. Sketchy's burlesque show/life drawing session at the Cameron House this past Monday evening with Brian & Lezley.

While I wasn't thrilled by this 'artistic' display, these are the drawings I did at said session.

I will just say that there was a lot of wasted time, the whole 'musical performance' was lost on me ( i just don't care for that shit), and I found the themes (naughty librarian, naughty opera fan, & Eve with snake and apple) to be, not only cliche, but lame as well. I found the lighting in the place to be too dark for drawing and from the only available tables I had a terrible view, leading me to make up a lot of the features on my own, which I can easily do from home. That is why I am mainly unhappy with 80% of these sketches & some seem very cartoony. You will also notice that since there was a lot of time between performances I sketched a dude that was across the room from me.

I recognize that everyone else, including Brian & Lezley, seemed to really enjoy this show. I also recognize that I am being a 'Negative Nancy'.

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