Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Comedies of the Last Decade

I was telling my friend how much I love 'the Hangover' & I claimed it was one of the best comedies ever. He said that it wasn't even top 10 of the last decade. We got to talking about the best comedies to come out in the 2000-2009 era & I compiled a list of my favorites.

Here it is,

1) Hot Rod - I put this as number 1 not only because it is the most slept on brilliant comedy ever, but it is amazing, and hilarious in every way.
Hot rod features the break out preformances of the Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone), Danny McBride, & Bill Hader.
Not to mention, Ian McShane, Will Arnett, & Chris Parnell are also featured as hilarious side characters.
From the Europe heavy score to Rods punch-dancing in the woods, right down to the Cool Beans, this movie has everything I didn't realize I wanted.
I dare you, I fucking dare you to watch Hot Rod with a group of friends and not have the time of your lives. AND if you and your friends watch Hot Rod and don't find it amazing, then you are most likely a bunch of dickheads.

2) Anchorman - It is probably the most quotable movie of all time. Everyone loves it. It is ridiculous and amazing. 3) Superbad - Great breakout performances by Jonah Hill & the kid who plays McLovin. Michael Cera at his best (just playing himself but doing really good this time around). Bill Hader & Seth Rogen are funny as hell and almost steal the show. Killer soundtrack. Maybe as quotable as Anchorman.
I graduated high school in 2001 and I always felt that 'American Pie' was our 'Animal House' and I feel that Superbad was that for the current group of high school kids. This movie is weird and crazy and fun as hell. 4) Hangover - It's probably the most well written comedy since.... I can't think of another well written comedy but trust me, its very well written & still hilarious. A lot of the best jokes are actually very subtle.
5) Pineapple Express - I love it. Pineapple is THE perfect blend of comedy and action. A movie that potheads and non-potheads alike can enjoy.
6) Walk Hard - John C. Reilly is hilarious as the moronic Dewey Cox in this 'Walk the Line' parody. Upon first viewing I thought it was stupid and ridiculous until about the halfway point, then I realised that it is brilliant. 7) Knocked Up - We got a glimpse of what the Apatow/Rogen team up was gonna look like with 'the 40 Year Old Virgin' but I think Knocked Up did it a little better. 8) Borat/Bruno - These 2 movies are tied simply because they are almost the exact same movie. One is super rascist and kinda gay, the other is just super gay. Both are super funny.
9) Orange County - I know I'm gonna hear some shit about this pick but I absolutely love it & I feel it is very, very underrated.
Tom Hanks' son is pretty great in the lead role but Jack Black's junkie brother character steals the show. I always find Jack Black better when he's not the lead.
Throw in great cameos from Catherine O'Hara, John Lithgow, Harold Ramis, Lily Tomlin, Chevy Chase, Ben Stiller, and Kevin Kline, that equals great movie.
10) Team America - I'm not sure why this Thunderbirds parody from the creators of Southpark is so great, but I do know it IS great. Team America is ballsy in many different ways and it works. This movie doesn't fuck around.

I wanted to give honorable mentions to the JackAss movies (#1,#2, & #2.5). I didn't give any of them a spot in the top 10 simply because I don't consider them 'movies' but more a series of very funny, very stupid, jaw-dropping skits and scenarios, but I will say that when I watched these 'movies' I laughed so hard, so many times that it actually caused me physical pain in the stomach region. I thought that was worth mentioning.

please comment or email me your top 10 lists. I am curious what everyone else thought of the last decade.


Fess said...

Shane you foo! What about Office Space and The Pick of Destiny?

Think McFly, think lol!:)

shane heron said...

Office Space is pre-2000, & I have yet to see Pick of Destiny.

I will watch this Pick.