Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reviews : Will Eisner & etc.

Will Eisner's the Dreamer : Will Eisner is simply the most brilliant comic creator there ever was. He started it all, he did it all & he did it perfectly.
Written & illustrated by Eisner, The Dreamer is a semi-autobiographical tale of the comic book boom of the early 1940's that lead to the creation of legendary super heroes we still celebrate today. Eisner uses pretty translucent code names for himself & many famous creators like Bob Kane & Jack Kirby, etc., while telling the story of the birth of the comic book & comic book business. It's absolutely BRILLIANT and everyone should read it. Will Eisner's the Name of the Game : A multi-generational story following privilege and collapse many families that ultimately intertwine in the early 1900's. You could explain the plot of this story and I would not be interested but Eisner has a way of making anything intriguing with his wonderful sequential storytelling. GREAT
Pigeons From Hell - I picked up this re-telling of Robert E. Howard's short story from 1938, because of the brilliantly illustrated cover by Nathan Fox. I did not love this story. It was neither the creepy nor grotesque horror when it tried to be and any of the characters that are killed off have little influence in shocking the reader since there is no time to even get to know them. Nathan Fox's art is unclear at times but I feel it has more to do with the coloring. The normally stellar Dave Stewart definitely dropped the ball on this series. I will hang onto my copy of this because of the Nate Fox art but I was simply not impressed. LAME

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This is a cool one, I want the first book.