Thursday, April 7, 2011

25 Questions : DYL

If anyone is a regular reader of this blog you will recognize the man who comments here more than anyone else. Dyl is a fellow artist and friend. Enjoy.

1) Who are you & what do you do?

I'm Dyl, I have a blog, you can put the link if you want, I work at Shopper's lifting stuff, moving it and then arranging it on shelves, super important stuff, and I also attempt drawing/writing/music and blogging. I don't do any of these things exceedingly well just yet least I am good at self-deprecating, I am going pro.2) Seen any good movies lately?

Battle Los Angeles in Ultra AVX and Chasing Amy for the 1000th time. I thought Ultra AVX was too cool to pass up, walls shook, somewhat known actors blew up aliens and I managed to be out 20 bucks even on a cheap Tuesday. Chasing Amy never gets old, it's one of those movies you still can't help but fantasize about different ways the scenes could have gone, makes everything I read/watch so much better.

3) What are you listening to?

Joshua Radin, City and Colour, Stay by Coal (I could never find anything else by her, she's a mystery) and Shad (a little bit of Toronto rap two feet away at the Juno Block Party Thursday). They're all really good especially if you're a patriot for the red, white and...yeah just red and white.

4) What do you do to relax?

I don't relax. I blog about being stressed all the time. But I do have this sense of ease after finishing a good comic strip.
5) What's your favorite book?

Like real book? No pictures besides the cover? A Confederacy of Dunces. The guy wrote it, killed himself and his mother took it to the publisher, it got some critical acclaim, it's a masterpiece if you're weird enough to enjoy it. It's long though, if you read the funnybooks, stay away, far away.6) you order a pizza all to yourself, what toppings do you get?
As much dead animals as they'll put on it, I'll throw a cow, a pig, parts of a chicken and whatever animal they actually use to make the food at McDonalds.

7) What's your favorite fruit?

I don't really eat fruit...umm...bananas? I guess. I've yet to evolve fully.

8) Favourite junk food?

Hmm...Coffee Crisp Bites. They taste how I always wanted the bars to taste, delicious and chocolaty but you can actually taste the coffee flavour!
9) What's the best concert you've ever been to?

City and Colour/Shad/Hannah Georgas on Thursday for free front row. Dallas Green actually stopped during his encore to call a guy a fucking idiot and tell security to make him leave. Imagine being the guy who was like "yeah I am going to kick this random guy's ass" to 100s of people chanting go away on the word of a modern day master of the 6 string? Insane.

10) Biggie or Tupac?

Biggie, easily. Tupac I always felt kind of hit or miss and yeah the message is great and everything but like...I need the entertainment and the skill, Biggie would just make scenarios and rhyme schemes above and beyond I strive for. The stuff I listen to now tries to find a middleground (like Shad, Common, etc.) by having great complicated rhyme schemes and inventiveness but really delivering a great message.

11) Who's your childhood crush?

I used to like the co-host of The Zone on YTV, Sugar, she was hot. Apparently she doesn't actually talk like that. Oh and Daffney, she is still a wrestler and often is my iPod background, I was a freaky weird kid I guess?

12) If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

Probably somewhere really bland with my comic supplies, and quiet, Saskatoon, just to like be in Canada but not surrounded by annoying people. A place where I can go and people are like "where are ya from?" and I am like "Markham, it's near Toronto" and them to be like "oh cool" instead of "I mean besides like that and Canadian, because you know, that doesn't count, only places your parents nor you have nor ever will visit count because someone over 100 years ago was born there then wanted to be really cold and moved here." I like the word "nor", I am going to bring it back.

13) Any TV shows you're watching right now ?

I love Californication, TNA Impact! and Jersey Shore. Californication is smart, a little dirty, witty, inspiring and relatable. TNA Impact! is what I always wanted in a wrestling show as a kid, younger guys competing for lesser titles while WCW and WWF icons clash, Kurt Angle vs. Sting for the World Title with Hulk Hogan as the special guest referee. I always felt WCW should have won. Jersey Shore entertains me to no end, a lot of people hate it and find it being a follower but, if noone liked it, I'd still love it, I just like the characters, the only way it would be better if it wasn't a reality show.

14) What's your guilty pleasure?

I just knew this one too. I was telling someone. I love so many lame things I forget what was actually lame enough for me to be embarrassed about it.
You know what? That was my girlfriend, her guilty pleasure is liking the same stuff as me, atleast I got to expose someone!

15) Favorite super hero(es)?

My favourite super heroes? Umm..I am a big Invincible fan, I used to be more of a I wish I was than am one kind of fan before, like I had read a bit but now that I finally sat down and read a lot of it, it was very expected, it's like when you choose your new favourite flick before you even see it. I love The Maxx too, that's how me and the pro interviewer himself started talking for a good portion. There's a bunch more but those two work.

16) What pisses you off?

Rude people. Ignorant people. Like just lots of people.

17) Rank these hairstyles from best to worst, fauxhawk, comb over, mushroom cut, mullet.

Fauxhawk I happen to be rocking this very second.
Mullet needs a comeback in pro wrestling and music followed by regular people.
Comb over I can respect if done right.
Mushroom cut? Only on girls. Is that weird? Good.

18) Favorite Saturday Night Live cast member (past or present) & why?

Ever? Hmm...
I loved John Belushi when he was on it.
Like he was the only one I always felt that was at his funniest on SNL.
All the others just annoyed me but I liked when they made their own career after.

19) Saturday morning cartoon you had to watch?

Fighting Foodons and Ultimate Muscle.
Like there was X-Men and Power Rangers but I never actually woke up on time for them, those two I never missed an episode, the best part was that they actually began and ended in a row every week, it was crazy being a kid having that happen, I love stories that start and end.

20) Craziest place you've ever done the 'no pants dance' ?

Hahahaha...umm...that's a good question.
I always felt the riskiest when people were near more than placement.
Like they're so close, tehehe, but not caught.
Can you believe chicks like me?

21) Beverly Hills 90210 or Saved by the Bell?

Beverly Hills 90210! Has anyone chose that other than me? I'm really manly.
22) Favorite artist(s)?

Wow, toughy.
I am going to say that it changes weekly, monthly, all the time.
I really just love Chester Gould though.
Cory Walker I thought as a sequential artist might actually be my favourite, like just the show of motion.
Umm...I also loved the days of studios. Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, CC Beck and their bunch of underlings trying to mimic them on big books.

23) If you were on death row what would your last meal be?

My Mom's ribs, Danny's Fish and Chips and for dessert...think about what Marv had.

24) 20 years from now, you will be _____________?

Married, semi-regular job and comic art. Kids who think I am lame. Wife to match. Talking to Shane about my 1 millionth blog about how productive I am going to be one day. Just kidding about that last part...I hope.

25) How awesome are you? Feel free to use a scale of 1 - 10.

11 is my favourite number.
1+10 works better for me.

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