Sunday, November 4, 2007

My New Weekly Web Comic - Marcus Ninja

It was recently announced that I would be taking over the art chores for one mister Awesome Marcus Ninja.
I'll be working with , writer & creator of Awesome Marcus Ninja, Mr. Joel Buxton. If you haven't heard of Awesome Marcus Ninja, you can check out the archive of strips at I will be taking over art duties for Ian McKendry, who has drawn the strip for four seasons.
November 9th 2007 is going to be my debut strip & it will kick off season 5. The new strips will be updated weekly.
For those longtime fans of AWN , i will do my best to stay true to Ian's version of the Marcus universe & hope you will enjoy what I have to offer. If you do enjoy AMN, then please subscribe to our mailing list & you will get an email reminder weekly , to let you know that a new strip is up. Awesome Marcus Ninja is gonna be a lot of fun & I can wait to get my pencils on this whole universe that has been built over the last 4 years.
please give me feedback & let me know what you think, even if you hate it.

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