Friday, October 26, 2007

Con Report

when: Sunday Oct 21 , 2007 11 am - 5 pm
where: Toronto Convention Centre
what: Toronto ComiCON , from Hobbystar

I showed up at the Toronto Convention Centre a little late (about 1140 am) because I had a little trouble printing copies of my new mini-comic 'the ALMIGHTY - pt 2 - the Shaman'.
If you wanna read it online , please check out my Comicspace galleries at

I was sharing tables with the Digital Kontent guys. The Digital Kontent table was already set & looking great.
The show was held in one of the rooms at the Convention centre. To be honest, it was a little smaller than I hoped, but I guess that was the size that the amount of attendees demanded. cool.
the main things that stood out for me ,
Digital Kontent Table - it was easily the dopest table at the show. and exciting, don't forget
- JohnBoy was doing a great job promoting all of our books & our raffle. & the Digital Kontent
DVD. thanks John.

- Milo was selling his great dialogue books , 'Camel & a Kiosk' (with covers by ME)
Milo actually sold out. good job Milo , it's really a great book.

- Iby was pimping his, wicked ass Sketchbook.
If you got a copy of this book then you are a lucky duck, cuz it is awesome.
It was good to see 'Toronto Convention King', Jason Troung at the show I did a Usagi Yojimbo sketch for Jason the came out pretty good.
Jason also hooked me up with a Captain America Fallen Son blank cover , that I'd been looking for. Thanks Jason , you are alright.
other notable attendees :
Richard Zajac who is also with,
'the HERO Initiative'
Squid & Ink magazine
mini comic called Titty Terror
All in all, it was a good show. Thanks to Kevin Boyd of Hobbystar for the invite.

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