Monday, March 17, 2008

comics and sketches

i just read Pax Romana #2 (of 4) by Jonathan Hickman. i am loving this book! it is so different than anything i've ever read. usually, i have to really like the art style to pick up a new read and at first, i didn't like it. but now, i love it. this is not a quick read. Pax is very wordy which usually turns me away but somehow he pulls it off. Hickman's art combined with his rad story is now one of the comics i look forward to most. i am kinda sad that this is only 4 issues.
this book: BRILLIANT.
sign me up for all things Hickman

also, before i finished up my latest Marcus Ninja strip i was listening to the Word Balloon podcast. Mr. John Siuntres was interviewing comic legend Gene Colan. it was a really great interview from 2005. the audio isn't the greatest but i found it worth a listen. Gene mentioned his stint on Namor: the Sub-Mariner and i was inspired to sketch this,

also, this i a blog i've been reading recently, .
i don't know where or how i came across Jim Smash! but i am really diggin' it. and he updates quite often, which not that many blogs that i read do.
and check out , the Fart Party. it's an awesome web comic by Julia Wertz. give it a try, it's hilarious.


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