Sunday, March 9, 2008

Street Fighter Movie

last friday , my buddy Chank & i watched the Street Fighter movie. why? cuz he bought it for me. why? i don't know.
this movie is the most god-awful movie i've ever seen. not only is the story & dialogue terrible, it's gotta be the worst casting i've ever seen. nothing about this movie is good, the sets are goofy looking and not convincing at all, the jokes are aimed at children but at the same time Guile (Jean Claude Van Damme) has a bit of a potty mouth.
some of the scenes are pretty funny ( not on purpose) like when Ryu & Vega are about to square off in a cage match and then Guile drives a tank through the wall and says, "You are all under arrest!" and everyone just puts their hands up.
the funniest is the scene where Guile does his motivating speech to the troops.
"We can all go home. Well, i'm not going home! i'm gonna get in my boat! i'm gonna go up the river! and i'm gonna find that sonnuvabitch Bison! i'm gonna kick his ass so HARD, the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it! Now who is going home? AND WHO IS COMING WITH ME???!!!!!!!"
you know, i don't really remember liking this movie when i was a kid.

you know how there are movies that are so bad that they're actually pretty good? this isn't one.

i use to think that Anaconda was the worst movie ever. not anymore.

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