Saturday, April 26, 2008

movie and sketches

so i watched 'There Will Be Blood' Friday night with the boys. it started off pretty slow. i will say that the visuals were pretty good, but i really wish the story grabbed my interest more. i started drawing while this was on, and you could say that it is not fair to judge this movie if i really wasn't watching it, but i will say that 'No Country For Old Men' made me put down the pencil and paper, 'There Will Be Blood' did not. i found the score of this film to be very distracting. this movie was just too damn long. in my opinion, no movie should be longer than 2 hours. if it runs longer than 2 hours then some shit needs to be cut out. i really wanted to like this movie, it has such a cool name. this movie: LAME

i also sketched some,
these are just warm up, doodle sketches. 2 hulks, 2 daredevils , and 1 character design for 'the Mole Men of Atlanta', from Awesome Marcus Ninja. the first Hulk, i tried to do an up lighting effect but i kinda messed it up under the eyes. i do like the hair, it's kinda like Arnolds hair from 'Pumping Iron'. it looks shitty, but i thought i'd post it anyway.

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