Saturday, April 12, 2008

Toronto ComiCON this weekend (April 12 - 13)

i will be there, along with the Digital Kontent guys, and artist Brian 'the Bood' Boodnarine, in the Artist Alley. if you are around, please check us out.

this is quite the show that Hobbystar has put together.

i am most excited to be able to meet

1) Alex Maleev , artist on Bendis' Daredevil run, which in my opinion, are the best Daredevil stories of all time.

2) Ryan Ottley , artist of Invincible. i didn't truly appreciate Ryan's art until i recently started reading his blog, where he will post sketches and step by step finished pieces.

3) Jeff Lemire. Jeff's Essex County books, along with his Xeric award winning Lost Dogs are some of the greatest, saddest, emotional stories i've ever read. I've met Jeff twice before and i always look for him at shows.

there are a lot of other really great guests, check 'em out here.

if you need more info on how to get to the show and tickets click here.

please check us out in the Artist Alley, we will be giving away a lot of cool raffle prizes.

see you there.

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