Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i've never gotten a book 'slabbed' before.....until now. i've sent in my crisp, only-read-once, copy of Ultimate Spiderman #1 by Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley, with a Joe Quesada cover. i bought this originally the day it came out, read it once, didn't care for it, and put it in a long box. when i realized it was a hot commodity i put it in a mylar, just in case, and watched the value rise over almost a decade and the release of 3 movies. my latest wizard magazine says it runs about $120 ungraded, so who knows. i am hoping that i get a very high grade and i can sell it for some big $$$$$. it's about time i made some money off comics, instead of the other way around. worst comes to worst i'll hang on to it and hope it goes up in value. but seriously, who gives a shit? i only paid 4.50 for it.

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