Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i watched some movies recently and here's what i thought

REAL GENIUS - This flick, starring a very young Val Kilmer, still holds up. i love it. Kilmer is hilarious. it's cheesy but, you know, the good kind of cheese. definitely worth the $12 i paid at HMV. BRILLIANT
TROPIC THUNDER - this movie started off very good. i would say it had about 5, maybe 6, really funny parts, but it really drags on toward the end. i find that i don't like Ben Stiller in leading roles. i prefer Stiller in cameos or supporting roles. i don't think Robert Downey jr's role was as funny as everyone is talking about, and i think Jack Black didn't really get to do the best Jack Black can do. i am glad that actors Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride are getting more face time. PRETTYGOOD

BURN AFTER READING - this is a perfect movie. the Coen brothers are quickly becoming the best film makers in the biz. if you are a fan of Fargo or the Big Lebowski then there's no reason to not like this film. it's BRILLIANT. Brad Pitt is quickly becoming my favorite actor. he is incredibly hilarious as the hyper, super fit personal trainer. John Malcovich, Tilda Swinton, & George Clooney all give super great performances. Frances MacDormand's sad, surgery obsessed character is the best. i love this movie.

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