Saturday, February 7, 2009


i watched a few movies, here's what I thought,

GRAN TORINO - Clint is basically doing what he does best, be Clint. It's like watching a very old and racist Dirty Harry or The Man With No Name from the spaghetti westerns.
I've heard that this was shot very quickly and it really feels like it.
Clint is awesome, the dude that plays the catholic priest is great, but the 2 Hmong kids next door are not good actors. Luckily Clint is so bad ass it's easy to overlook the other bad actors.
I could've done without Clint singing at the end.
- I must say that this had an excellent cast. If anybody else had played Randy 'the Ram' Robinson it would've been a very different movie. All of my friends are big pro wrestling fans, so I've seen my fare share of wrestling DVD's ( in fact, I'm looking at DVD rack and we've got wrestling DVD's about 2 feet high, including 3 Ric Flair & 3 Stone Cold Steve Austin ) & I'm pretty sure Rourke's Ram Robinson would fit in seamlessly.
also, there is a lot of naked Marisa Tomei, which is never a bad thing.
my biggest problem with the Wrestler is that it is very anticlimactic and it leaves you feeling like nothing really happens. I'm glad I watched it but I don't think I need to ever see it again. PRETTYGOOD
stay tuned for some of my reviews of really lame early 90's action movies. coming soon.

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