Friday, February 6, 2009

Scott pilgrim VS the Universe

yesterday, I got me a shiny (literally shiny) , new Scott Pilgrim volume 5 : Scott Pilgrim VS the Universe. I've been anticpating this book for a long time. In fact this is the first time in a long time that I hit a comic shop ASAP on a Wednesday. I've already read this twice. at first, I was a little disapointed, then I realised that it wasn't because the book was bad (it's not, it's BRILLIANT ) it was because it wasn't as easy going and fun as the previous volumes. With one more book left Bryan Lee O'Malley is starting to give us answers about Ramona's mysterious past and the famous evil ex boyfriend Gideon. Because Scott is such a relatable character when everything doesn't go good for him it affects my fragile emotions as well, & this book was not an easy ride for Scott. Another thing that was kinda missing was that there wasn't any focus given to a specific Toronto landmark. Volume 1 had Sonic Boom and even the CN Tower, Volume 2 had the Toronto Reference Library & Casa Loma, Volume 3 had Lee's Palace, Honest Ed's & the University of Toronto, Volume 4 had the beaches, Dufferin Mall, & Sneaky Dee's (get the nachos), & Volume 5 had a building being renovated at Queen & Bathurst? I still loved this book and I have no doubt in my mind that Volume 6 (the next & last Scott Pilgrim ) will be the best. also, I really dig Volume 5's foil cover and the Mega Man style video game pics on the back cover.

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