Saturday, February 13, 2010

Childhood Heroes Part 2 : Rick Steiner

Here's some drawings of my all-time favorite professional wrestler, one half of my all time favorite tag team, Rick Steiner, the Dog-Faced Gremlin.

I loved the Steiner Bros. when I was a kid. Both Rick & Scott had such a great style using their collegiate wrestling basics to pull off great belly-to-belly, German, & traditional suplexes, as well as custom Steiner Bros. moves, Steiner DDT, Steiner Device, Steinerizer, & the Steiner-Line.

I was (still am) disappointed that Scott went his own way & really became obsessed with mass, steroids, & overall image which greatly limited his wrestling ability. Scott went from being one of the most naturally talented wrestlers to a muscle freak who has barely any range of motion & will no doubt, have a really hard time when (if) he hits his 50's and can no longer perform.

Rick had the more marketable look & was so fun to watch, using all kinds of great moves, diving bulldog, double-leg takedowns, scoop-powerslams, headbutts. Rick played it smart & after the NWO era of wrestling dropped out of the spotlight & in 2005 started selling real estate.

The Dog Faced Gremlin will forever be my favorite wrestler.

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Anonymous said...

I dig it. Great work. I grew up watching The Steiner Bros. tag for all the major companies. When wrestling still mattered lol