Friday, February 5, 2010

Movie Round Up - February

Watched some more movies over the last couple months. my thoughts,

Cyborg - Maybe my favorite Van Damme movie. I love it! It's ridiculous and awesome. Definitely has cheesy special effects but if you take it for just that and you wanna see
Jean-Claude kick some ass, its great. The bad guy is still a pretty scary dude. Post Apocalyptic movies starring Van Damme and crucifixion are alright by me. GREAT

the Darjeeling Ltd. - I might've already blogged about this movie the first time I watched it in 2007. I had never seen or heard of Wes Anderson until the Digital Kontent boys made me watch this. I absolutely love the style that Wes Anderson brings. This one remains my favorite Anderson film (so far). Iby seems to think it is because it is my first and maybe he's right but I think it might be the way the plot, great dialogue, and acting is perfectly intertwined with wonderful shots the gorgeous country side of India seen mainly from the view of a train. BRILLIANT

Hotel Chevalier - I also got to watch the short film that is a prequel to Darjeeling Ltd. Again, I loved it and thought it was a perfect companion piece to Darjeeling. I also thought it would've worked well on it's own as just a short. It never hurts to see the gorgeous Natalie Portman semi-nude. BRILLIANT

the Goods - I watched about 5 minutes. LAME

Royal Tenenbaums - I've been meaning to watch this for sometime. I absolutely loved it. So far, it seems as if Wes Anderson can do no wrong. He seems to really bring out the best of his actors. I could never understand why Luke & Owen Wilson were such a hot commodity and then I watched Wes Anderson movies. While everyone is great in this, Gene Hackman as Royal Tenenbaum steals the show. BRILLIANT

Adaptation - I didn't love this movie. If you watch 'the Rock' or 'ConAir' it is easy to forget that Nicholas Cage can be a really good actor. Movies like Adaptation remind us. It was different and that I appreciate, but I base how good a movie on the 'rewatching factor'. Will I rewatch this? How long from now? How many times? I don't feel that I need to see this ever again. I could be wrong but c'mon, that's never happened before. PRETTYGOOD

Say Anything - I finally understand why women LOVE John Cusack. I mean I always liked him but I never really understood why women went crazy for him. Sure, he's good looking but not that goodlooking. He's a good actor but he's not a great actor. Women love Cusack because Lloyd Dobbler is the perfect man. It all make so much sense now. I kinda love John Cusack
a little bit too now. Say Anything is one of the few classic 80's films that I didn't watch growing up and I am making myself watch now. Say Anything lives up to the hype. It's nice. It's not cheesy, it's not funny, it's not cliche, it's just nice. GREAT

Avatar - They took the story of Dances With Wolves and made it look like a video game. I will admit that I watched a (pretty decent) bootleg, and I forwarded through a lot of it, and I didn't want to like this. I really don't have time for cookie cutter storylines. I don't care if its colorful, I don't want to spend 2+ hours watching something that I could've wrote and I can certainly guess what's gonna happen. Yeah, I'm hating but I honestly feel that regardless of it's popularity I would not care for Avatar. LAME

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