Saturday, May 15, 2010

STRIKEFORCE : Heavy Artillery

STRIKEFORCE : Heavy Artillery, May 15, 2010, Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri I am really digging this card. I usually don't have much to say about most Strikeforce cards, finding them usually lopsided, but I love the Heavy Artillery card that features great matchups and a lot of live underdogs.

Heavyweight Champion ALISTAIR OVEREEM VS. BRETT ROGERS - I like this fight a lot. While, Overeem is the better technical striker I think Rogers is more durable. I think Rogers will get a takedown, ground & pound for a TKO stoppage in the first round.
ANTONIO 'BIGFOOT' SILVA VS. ANDREI 'the PITBULL' ARLOVSKI - Arlovski has a notoriously weak chin, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Bigfoot can land a big shot to put him out, but I think Andrei gets it done. Arlovski is a much better striker and if he can avoid a big shot early, Silva should slow and the Pitbull will him him hard for a TKO stoppage in the third round.
JOEY VILLASENOR VS. RONALDO "JACARE" SOUZA - This is a great match up of 2 solid middleweights. I feel like Jacare is the better athlete and will use his throws, takedowns, & one of the world's best Jiu Jitsu games for a submission, rd. 2.

KEVIN RANDLEMAN VS. ROGER GRACIE - Randleman is pretty shot & should probably hang it up. Roger has probably the best BJJ of all the active Gracie's & is one of the best grappler's in the world, gi or no-gi. Roger is gonna tear a limb off Randleman. Gracie by submission, rd. 1.

RAFAEL "FEIJAO" CAVALCANTE VS. ANTWAIN BRITT - I feel like we're looking at an upset here. Feijao tends to be lazy & at times, seems not to take MMA as serious as he should. I'm hoping to see a good little battle here, but I think Britt's power will make the difference in this one. Britt by KO, rd. 1.
LYLE 'FANCY PANTS' BEERBOHM VS. VITOR 'SHAOLIN' RIBEIRO - I'm a little pissed off that we won't see this fight. These are 2 important fighters for the company & the winner should be on his way to a shot at the title. Shaolin is one of the best lightweights on Strikeforce's roster & Beerbohm is a serious prospect. I'll take Beerbohm to get top position and stay out of submission trouble for a dominant decision victory.

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