Friday, October 8, 2010


I was reading some collections of one of my favorite comic strips, the Farside by Gary Larson. I decided to draw my version of what I think Gary Larsons version of Batman would look like. I gave him a grappling hook because I would imagine Larson coming up with a good joke about that. I dunno. or maybe Larson has already drawn batman at some point.

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Dylanio21 said...

You know today has been a Gary Larson day !
I was in Smith Books today looking at the hardcover (I think it was hardcover) collections of The Farside and being like...when I have the dough...I'll be able to buy these, yay and such.
Then I got home and was looking through this box and found a school project where I used him as the made up name for something, originally it was gonna be Erik Larsen but then it became Mr. Larson, pretty cool.
Now you uploaded this, previous to today he came into my mind once every in a blue but 3 hits, madness.

Anyways, I wish you would do strip series on your blog like Skottie Young did with that one panel alien guy.
Like this Batman version is just filled with potential.

Keep it up Shane!