Thursday, October 4, 2007

(1) i just finished 'the Walking Dead' volume #7 - the Calm Before by Robert Kirkman (writer)& Charlie Adlard(pencils/inks) & Ciff Rathburn (greytones,very important to this book)

it is utterly brilliant

i love this comic

i'm not one to usually read zombie, or horror books but I kept hearing about this book & finally my comicshop guy ,Troy ( , convinced me to pick it up.

I got the first trade & I was hooked. At this point , there were already 6 trades worth. within a month I had 'em all . I didn't want to start picking up the singles , so I told myself that I would only buy the trade, & #7 was coming out soon, so it'd be alright. Well, after reading #7 , I'm gonna have to cave & go for the single issues now because Mr. Kirkman left me on the edge of my seat & I cannot wait 6 months for the next part.

everyone is talking about this book for a good reason. it is fucking awesome!

i suggest everyone read it . i love it

(2) another book I just finished is Captain America - 'the Chosen' #1

The art , by Mitchell Breitweiser, is excellent. I have a feeling this guy is gonna be amazing once he evolves out of the John Cassaday clone style. Don't get me wrong , I love John Cassaday, he is one of my all-time favorite artists , I just don't need 2 of him.

So far , the story didn't impress me. It's written by the dude who wrote Rambo , David Morrell . meh. Personally, I think this book is Marvels attempt to give us a bit of Cap, to tie us Cap fans over until they bring him back from the dead.

To be honest, the only reason I picked this book up is because of the Travis Charest covers. I really miss seeing Travis' art. ( )
Charest is easily one of the greatest artists I've ever seen, but unfortunately , he is incredibly slow. & to be very honest, the Charest covers are good , but I have seen much better Captain America images from Mr. Charest.

I've decided to wait & hear what everyone is saying about this book & if it sounds good , I'll pick up the trade

(3) one book that I'm definitely picking up is Omega Unknown #1 , from Marvel.

it was shipped yesterday (Oct 3rd) & it looks really cool.

I have no idea what it is about but it looks nothing like a regular Marvel book. It almost has an indy look to it. I'm going to pick it up based on the fact that it just looks cool. Actually , I would say it looks , Bad Ass. I love it already.

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