Saturday, October 6, 2007

My New Favourite Artist - John Paul Leon

just recently, I came across some amazing sketches by John Paul Leon, on Comic sketch gallery I was blown away.
when i was about 9 years old , i used to buy DC comics Milestone line of comics. i thought they were a bunch of really cool black superheroes , & i think all (or most) were written by Dwayne McDuffie . i used to get Icon , which was basically a black Superman. it was great, but my favourite was Static. in those days , i didn't know artists by name, all i knew was that Static looked fuckin' cool. there was no other book that looked like Static. Later on, after i rediscovered comics, i came across Alex Ross' Earth X from Marvel. the interior art on earth x was done by John Paul Leon (formerly the artist on Static). his style developed quite a bit & was ultra- realistic & dark & shadowy. at first, i didn't like that he no longer did the 'cartoony funky' style that he did on Static. i read the entire Earth x & realized how amazing JPL's art is. i am loving JPL's art these days. it is just amazing. i just wanted to share some of his art with everyone. check it out , below . there is some old & some new, but it's all great.
i've decided that , from now on, i will buy anything by JPL.

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