Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Weekend

So, I double booked this past weekend & bought a $250 ticket for UFC 97 in Montreal & rented a table at the Hobbystar Fan Appreciation ComiCON in Toronto. I could not get rid of my ticket for UFC, so I did both.

I was at the con in Toronto from 11 am until after 3 pm. I bid farewell to Joel & Ibrahim & all my other con friends & then I drove for 6 hours to Montreal. I made it to the show @ 9:30 pm , just in time for the main card. I don't really want to get into my thoughts on the UFC but I will say that I didn't think the Silva vs Leites main event was as bad as everyone made it out to be. I like Anderson Silva, he is a great champ & he was trying to win and keep his title, which isn't always gonna be a knockout.

I made it back to Toronto for 3pm with 2 hours left in the show. Joel & Iby did a great job of holding it down. I wish I could've got around the con a bit but, hey, it was alright. I went for dinner with the Digital Kontent crew & Danny & Jason Truong. we ate Italian. It was pretty good.

thanks to Joel, Elaine, K.Song, DK, the Bros. Truong, Kev & James, Alfonso, & Mcc

here's some sketches........

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