Friday, April 24, 2009

some movies and some comics

Taken - this is nothing new in action movies. If you seen 5 action movies your life then you can pretty much guess the plot points and the formula. That being said, it is a very very well done action movie. I really enjoyed Liam Neeson as the bad ass action star. I thought that the violence was a little too clean and quick, and didn't show much blood, but I hear they will be releasing the unrated, more violent version on DVD so I will definitely check that out. PRETTYGOODPunisher Warzone - I did not want to watch this. My girlfriend had seen this in theaters and insisted I would like it. I told her I would not. I was right. this movie is horrible. At no point in this movie do you start caring about any of the characters. The only actor in this flick that is believable is Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld, who is actually a good actor). I'm not sure if the creators of this monstrosity wanted everything and everyone to be so over the top that it is almost a parody of itself but that is certainly what they achieved. If I never hear of this again I will be happy. LAME

Role Models - funnier than I thought it would be. 'Good morrow to you'. PRETTYGOOD
I Love You, Man - not funny. At all. LAME
Foot Fist Way - this is Danny McBride's first movie. It has some funny moments and showcases the beginning talents of a very funny up and comer, in McBride. If you like the dead pan humour of Napoleon Dynamite then this is up your alley. I bought it but I really don't know when or if I might watch it again. LAME
Flash Rebirth # 1 - First DC book I've enjoyed in a long while. I haven't enjoyed any DC regular universe books since Infinite Crisis. Geoff Johns' dialogue is a little cheesy but manages to give you all the info you need and still write a great story. I always appreciated Ethan Van Sciver's art but I was never a huge fan. In fact, I almost didn't buy Flash: Rebirth # 1 but the cover looked so nice. Ethans art seems to have more consistency to the characters. I will buy all of this mini series. After that, we'll see. worth the buy just for the cover. GREAT
Boys Club 2 - This is great! pointless and trippy, but GREAT!


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