Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best/Worst Movie of All Time!!!!

Never Surrender - This is a must see movie! I absolutely loved it!

Hector Echavarria produces, directs, writes, & stars in this wonderful film about a seedy underground fight tournament. This is basically a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie starring somebody else/soft core porno.
Not only is there cameos from top UFC fighters, George St.Pierre, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, B.J. Penn, Heath Herring, & Anderson Silva, but the winner of the fight gets the girl of the guy he just killed. that's where the soft core sex scenes come in. Hector plays Diego, who is a top MMA fighter but is quickly convinced to fight in an underground league by Sipher ( who is the main bad guy, and boy he's evil).

there is lots of cliche , shitty lines, that even Stallone & Arnold wouldn't touch. Everyone seems to have a really bad fake accent. Diego is a horrible actor, as is everyone in this film with the exception of Heath Herring.

George St. Pierre has his voice dubbed with a 'not-as-french' accent.

This movie has everything!!

everything you say?

yes, it has a training montage, a beach/cruising with the top down montage, and a score by some douche Evan Evans, that never lets up the whole movie.

Also, Diego kills Anderson Silva in a scene that is a complete rip off of the Bruce Lee/Karim Abdul-Jabbar fight in Game of Death, except it's not even close to as good.
And the bad guy Sipher is played by Patrick Kilpatrick who was the Sandman in the Van Damme prison movie 'Death Warrant'.

this is THE movie!!
Never Surrender is so horribly awful it is BRILLIANT.

I love it, & I've watched it twice.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! This movie is terrible! Hector's acting, the movie, the plot, the lines, the music, the cinematography are all absolutely AWFUL!!! He writes these movies for himself though so he can whack it while he watches himself "act". I really don't think he's acting, I think he truly believes he could and would do the stuff that happens in these movies. He's a joke, and a nobody compared to the real fighters with him, but he makes them all kiss his ass. This hector loser's ego is scary! He's obsessed with himself! Check out the narcissist's other terrible movies too ONLY IF IT'S FREE! MUAH HAH HA HA HAAAA