Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reading the Maxx

I did those few drawing of the Maxx a few weeks ago for a friend & then I got the Sam Kieth bug. I used to read the Maxx when I was in grade 5 & I never got to finish the story.

I remember reading and re-reading issues#1-4 over and over again and being obsessed with the exaggerated anatomy and creepiness of Sam Kieths art. I remember that the Maxx was an Image book and it was (sort of) disguised as a super hero book, like all the others of that era, but the Maxx was so much more.

I just picked up Volume #1, which is issues #1-6 collected by DC Comics. I love it!!! It is just as wonderful as it was 15 years ago. Sam Kieth remains one of the all time greatest artists in my book. If you have never read the Maxx please go out and give it a try. It is BRILLIANT. I'm so glad that I have 5 more volumes of Maxx that I've never read and I look forward to discovering.

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Dylanio21 said...

The toe-nail clipping scene was always a favourite of mine, Sam Kieth can make anything cool.