Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I recently picked up and read 2 books, Funny Misshapen Body by Jeffrey Brown, & Omega the Unknown hardcover.

Funny Misshapen Body is GREAT. I am always surprised How Jeff Brown can continue to put together 200-300 page original graphic novels about his experiences with women, growing up, and his career in the art world, & not repeat himself. In Funny Misshapen Body Jeff shows us a younger Jeff experiencing alcohol & weed for the first time. Anyone who has taken art classes or seriously spoken to an art instructor can relate to the harsh criticisms from a snobby art school. Once again Jeff Brown makes a very entertaining memoir and he continues to get better each time out.
I have all 10 single issues of the new Omega the Unknown that came out last year, but I decided that the hardcover looked so nice that I had to have it. I love this book. The story by Jonathan Lethem & Karl Rusnak is very eery and is perfectly complimented by unique art of Farel Darymple. This book is BRILLIANT

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