Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MoCCA/NY swag

On Friday, @ MidTown Comics I picked up a few books, the Mike Weiringo Modern Masters, which I couldn't find anywhere, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth #8 (go get this book), Nemesis #1 (love it), & Age of Reptiles #3 (really love it). I picked up the new Super F*ckers collection, Jeffrey Brown's Undeleted Scenes & Mini Sulk #3, from the Top Shelf table. These are all great, great books. Joel found a great creator, by the name of J.T. Yost, who created a book based on dreams he had about himself & Snoop Dogg. It is brilliant. Joel & I both bought copies. J.T. knows his gangsta rap. My favorite pickup has to be a set of cards featuring luchador, El Tormento. These were given to me by my new pal Deryk Ouseley. I love them. El Tormento vs T.Rex? El Tormento vs bee's? c'mon. amazing.

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