Saturday, April 24, 2010

WEC 48 Aldo vs Faber !!!!

WEC 48 - Aldo vs Faber , April 24, 2010, Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, United States

This is an amazing card, probably the best of the year, & I really hope everyone watches. I have yet to see a WEC event that disapoints.

WEC Featherweight Champion JOSE ALDO VS. URIJAH FABER - Aldo is a beast & as much as I like Faber I think he gets lit up. Aldo by TKO, rd. 1. If it doesn't end early, the styles of these 2 elite featherweights will make for a great battle.

WEC Lightweight Champion BENSON HENDERSON VS. DONALD CERRONE - These guys had a great fight the first time and I'm expecting more of the same. This time, I think Cerrone will win the judges scorecards. Cerrone by decision.

- Gamburyan is tough so he'll stay in the fight but he'll lose every round. Brown by decision

ANTHONY NJOKUANI VS. SHANE ROLLER - This is a very tough pick. Njokuani has the much better stand up and tons of power in his hands and feet, but Roller is a much better wrestler. Roller's coach, Marc Laimon spends tons of time watching video on his opponents & I'm sure he will have a good gameplan for Roller to get it to the ground, where he can beat up or sub Njokuani. Would I be surprised if Roller gets his clock cleaned? No, but the safe pick is Roller by submission, rd. 1.

ANTONIO BANUELOS VS. SCOTT JORGENSEN - I scored the first fight in favor of Jorgensen and thought he got screwed out of the decision. This time around I don't think it'll be that close. Jorgensen has gotten steadily better, while Banuelos has remained pretty much the same fighter. Jorgensen by submission, rd. 2 and look for him to move into a title shot if he impresses.

LEONARD GARCIA VS. CHAN SUNG JUNG - Don't expect any great technique, this is gonna be a wild crazy fight filled with windmill punches galore. I'm taking 'the Korean Zombie' by entertaining decision.

ALEX KARALEXIS VS. ANTHONY PETTIS - Pettis might actually kick Karalexis' head clean off his body. Pettis by KO, rd. 1.

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON VS. BRAD PICKETT - This is a great fight. While Pickett is a tough dude, I feel like Johnson has the more rounded game. Johnson by decision.

- Mendes is gonna take Morrison down and sub him & he's gonna look a lot better than his last performance. Mendes by submission, rd. 1.

TAKEYA MIZUGAKI VS. RANI YAHYA - I'll take Mizugaki to beat up Rani on the feet, get some takedowns, and stay out of submission trouble. Yahya gets tired pretty quick and I think he's gonna get hurt. Mizugaki TKO, rd. 2.

TYLER TONER VS. BRANDON VISHER - This is another very tough to call. Toner has some great striking and if this stays on the feet we'll be in for a treat. I have to take Visher, simply because of Toner's lack of takedown defence. Toner by decision.

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