Monday, April 26, 2010

New York, New York + MoCCA - Part 3 : Sunday

Sunday, I had as much, if not more, trouble getting out of bed. Lezley hit the show on time, & Buxton checked out the Empire State Building before heading over to MoCCA. In almost the same spot as the metal junk car from yesterday we spotted this Cool Beans van. it was, indeed, Cool Beans.

I did have a great time when I got to the show. I met some more cool people, got to chat with Deryk & Aquino about Saturdays shenanigans. I picked up some very cool books.

I will blog all my swag on the next post.

I did get a sketch request to draw 2 gay rabbits. It was quite a fineline of trying to be funny but not too offensive. With a little help from Buxton I think we pulled it off. It was a 30th birthday gift for someone named Jason. Happy Birthday Jason, hope you like it.

Later, back at the hotel we had some beers with Shannon Gerard, & Joel got really 'emo'. I kinda regret not going to check out the Brooklyn Bridge with Lezley, Joel, & Shannon. I figure there was a ton of stuff I didn't get to see so I'll just have to go back. Unique New York, unique New York.

Things I didn't get to see: Jim Hanley's comic shop, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge,
Lil' Italy, SoHo, & I didnt even take the subway.
All in all, it was a great trip, & I am very glad to have been part of MoCCA.
I loved New York & I will be back.

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Dylanio21 said...

I am just stopping in to say I actually read all your blogs incase you forgot...
...I usually just don't have anything to say.
I wish you would have blown up your gay bunny art and that there would be more Shane drawing action shots.

Yeah my comments that I would usually leave are pretty faggy eh?

Haha, hope to see you draw something really badass really soon!