Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sketches and shit

i drew this on the bus today. it's pretty sketchy. the anatomy isn't perfect but it is a pretty fun image. i'll probably use this in the future for something. it could easily be a Dr. Strange, Magneto, or a Dr. Light. something like that.
so, i got a stack of trades, novels, and comics in my 'to read' pile, but i found myself re-reading Scott Pilgrim 4. Scott pilgrim is sooooo good. i love it. i own 2 copies of 1-4 so that i can always lend it to people and still have it on hand to read when i want. Everyone who reads it loves it. #4 is my favourite and i find that each one is better than the previous volume. on Bryan Lee O'Malley's site he says that he isn't currently selling original Scott pilgrim art at this time, check back in early Feb. 2008. Well, O'malley? what's up? there is a lot of O'Malley art available @ the Beguiling art store, but not much Pilgrim stuff. I'm not even a huge original art collector, but i really want some pages from #4. actually, from any volume, i like so many.
on another note, like a lot of other people, i got an email from Around Comics saying that the show is going on an unexpected hiatus. this was a bit of a shock to me, cuz Around has been one of my favourite podcasts. i gotta be honest, i wasn't a huge fan of the monday show format change. i prefer the roundtable, and especially the way Tom Caters & Skottie Young play off of the more professional Chris & Sal. but it is all good, i heard that Skottie & Tom are gonna be doing their own podcasts. AND Skotties is gonna be called 'the Devil & Me'. this pleases me greatly. i think Skottie is fuckin' hilarious and we're both huge fans of the band 'Clutch'. 'the Devil & Me ' is the name of a badass Clutch song and most likely where Skottie took the name from. good stuff Young-boy.

while i'm talking Clutch, i gotta say that they are my favourite band, and i can't wait until their show @ the Phoenix Concert theatre (FEB. 24 2008). last year we saw them at the Opera House and i got too drunk, and i wasn't able to enjoy a good chunk towards the end. if you haven't heard Clutch, check out anything from their last three albums, 'Blast Tyrant', 'Robot Hive/Exodus', or 'From Beale St. to Oblivion'. do it. you won't hear them on the radio (especially in Toronto), but you'll be happy you discovered their 'moustache/camaro' hard rock.

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