Thursday, February 28, 2008


here's some random sketches i've done in the past week.

we got a sketch book page, featuring an unfinished Thor, a Wolverine profile head shot w/cool looking hair, a tiny Villain Moriarty ( Marcus Ninja's nemesis), & a quick, pissed off Foul Fowl ( another Marcus Ninja enemy)

next up, this is a quick subway sketch. i couldn't resist, this guy was too cartoony looking. he is a heavy dude on his laptop in a very uncomfortable looking leather jacket AND he was taking up most of the seat next to him.

this next one is also a subway sketch. unlike the first guy, i didn't find this guy amusing to look at, i found him disgusting. this dude had a very dirty Q-tip and he was cleaning his one ear for, i swear, like, 10 minutes & then onto the other ear for another 10. AND the whole time, he was looking around, kind of embarrassed but not enough to stop doing it.
i wanted to vomit........on him.

here is an over-rendered sketch card i did of the Swamp Thing.
i always enjoyed drawing Swampy because he can be any shape you feel, distorted, twisted, whatever.
i had never read any Swamp thing though, but under Digital Kontents Iby's advice i picked up the Alan Moore Swamp Thing trade, volume 1. now, i am not a huge Alan Moore fan, but this was incredible. Moore's take on the character was genius and i could've never come up with it. this was the best Alan Moore book i've ever read. not to mention, the artwork by the team of Steve Bissette and John Totleben was incredible. The panel layouts were very noticeable and original. this book has influenced me for sure, & i recommend it to everyone. i will pick up volume 2 fo' sho'. i'm getting that fo' sho'

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