Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So , this is like, the third snowstorm in the past 2 weeks?

holy shit. i can't remember this much snow in Toronto. here's some pics of yesterday. 2 weeks ago, my BAD-ASS Cavalier got stuck in the snow on 2 consecutive days, so when i headed to work yesterday (Tues. , about noon) i decided to walk down the road to the bus stop. i took these pics, there & back, later that night. it didn't fuckin' stop for over 12 hours. but you gotta admit, it looks fuckin' awesome. now everything is plowed and it cost the city over 4 million $$ to do it, AND everywhere you look there is snowbanks taller than me, AND everyone i know is either coming back from down-south or headed down in the next few weeks, BUT i really don't wanna be anywhere else in the world right now. Toronto kicks ass.
i didn't get to the comicshop today & i'm missing a few great things
Fantastic Four #554 - first Millar/Hitch issue. gonna give the Comic Room a call in the a.m. & see if i can grab one. or two. guaranteed fuckin' goodness.
X-Force #1 - it looks kinda cool. i'll grab that.
Walking Dead #46 - i missed the last issue & i figure i'll wait for the trade (vol.8) , but after reading what J.Troung had to say about it, i may not be able to hold out.
let's talk cons.
it's looking like Digital Kontent & i will most likely be sharing a table, or 2, at Hobbystar's Fan Appreciation Event, this April 12-13 2008. the line up looks wicked-awesome. i'm most excited about Alex Maleev & Ryan Ottley. these are 2 amazing artists. i cannot wait. tee hee hee.
i'm also looking into doing The Paradise Toronto Comicon again. i like how they're releasing the guest list, one guest every day until the show. cool beans.
if you haven't check out my comicstrip, Awesome Marcus Ninja, please do. Joel & i are posting every Monday & i am really trying hard to make it look as good as possible.
just give it a look, wouldja? jeez.
i hope everyone has a good Valentines Day AND i hope everyone (in the whole world) gets laid.

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