Sunday, February 10, 2008

WinterCON report & some Comics I read

so Feb 3rd 2008 , Digital Kontent (- JohnBoy) and I got a table at the WinterCon, held by Hobbystar. thanks to James Armstrong for scoring us a table last minute.

after getting some coffee for my mild-hangover it was time to draw. i did sketches of Thor, Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Spawn, Firelord, Magneto & Sabretooth (no DC characters, huh). i'm pretty sure i did more, i just can't remember. if i did do a sketch for you , it'd be cool if you scanned it and sent it to me. , thanks .

Milo fucked off for almost the whole show.

'Oh my gawd, it's Andy B. ! Do me Andy! Do me!'.

Digital Kontents raffle was pretty cool though. good job Milo.
Iby was pimpin' his BAD ASS sketch book and sketchin' right along side of me. Iby and i decided that we wanna do this for a livin'. that would be super-awesome.
the best thing about the WinterCon, aside from seeing con-regulars Jason & Danny Troung, was that i was so busy drawing i didn't get to spend money on comics that i don't really need. i still have a stack from Boxing day sales that i haven't read yet. i just sat backwith Mr. Iby and made a little money selling my books and art.
Also, i met up with a dude by the name of Russell. he is a fellow artist and we seem to agree on a lot of things art and comic related. i sketched a Spawn for Russell and he sat down and sketched me this Liefeld-esque character. i am always looking for other people and artists to talk comics. Russell shows a lot of potential and seems very eager to learn and improve.

the only comics i came away with was a gift wrapped stack from Milo and i snagged a Flaming Carrot Comics #1 from the raffle prizes. score! Flaming Carrot kicks major ass!

here's some comic reviews

Ultimates 2 #2 - art is still incredible. the story is fuckin' LAME. there seems to be no overall plot, just a bunch of random scenes thrown together to show how awesome Joe Mad's art is. This book is beautiful, i may just stop reading it, but you all know i'm gonna keep buying. fuck!

Amazing Spiderman #'s 546-548
- this was the first story arc of the Brand New Day. this story was by Dan Slott and art by Steve McNiven. i gotta be honest, it wasn't the greatest Spiderman story ever, but it did feel very fresh and vibrant. At first, i was a little put off by the unmarriage of Peter & Mary Jane, but Joe Quesada ( my hero) was on to something. this is how a Spiderman book should feel. from head to toe, McNivens art is gorgeous. this book: PRETTYGOOD
Amazing Spiderman #549 - the second creative team of Marc Guggenheim (not sure if that is spelled right & i'm too lazy to check) & Sal Larroca. This book , again, feels very vibrant and fresh. i was blown away by how great Larocca has become. I've always been a fan of his but he was always working with Chris Claremont and i tried but i couldn't get through 'em. sometimes i wish Larocca had kept his more cartoony faces but his storytelling is incredible. after i read this comic i went back and just stared at the panels. wow. this book: GREAT

Daredevil #104 - continues to be GREAT

Captain America #34 - i bought this book hoping it would be worth something like #25 but it probably won't. i wasn't too impressed with the story. everyone keeps saying how good Brubakers Cap is, but i won't be buying anymore. this book: PRETTYGOOD

Astonishing X-Men #24- BRILLIANT

Super Powers #0 - this Alex Ross directed book is nothing special. i would like to read an Alex Ross story that doesn't always try to be so epic. it's like he's constantly trying to do another Marvels or Kingdom Come. how about you just pencil & paint us a goddamn mini-series that is just a good story? this book: LAME

Ex Machina volume 5 - BRILLIANT. i love this book. gets better and better.

Metamorphasis by Peter Kuper - this is an adaptation of the Franz Kafka novel. the art is mind boggling and eerie. this book really makes you feel what it is to be different from what we consider 'normal'. well done. this book: GREAT

Escapo by Paul Pope - i love this book. You can never guess what a Paul Pope is gonna be about just from looking at the cover. there is nothing like a Paul Pope experiance. the thought that goes into his storytelling and ink work is astounding. $15 well spent. this book: BRILLIANT

Flaming Carrot Comics #1 - i already have issue #2 but it doesn't matter if you read these in order. Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot is funny as hell. i love it. Flaming Carrot takes a girl on a date to his other girlfriends house. AND he wears flippers all the time , in case he has to swim. AND he has a Boloney Gun. AND he wears a cologne that smells like pie. if you don't like this book, FUCK YOU! this book: BRILLIANT

Scud: the Disposable Assassin #21 - 'Mr. Sarah Silverman Show' Rob Schrab is back to doing what he started, making comics. sometimes i can't follow the story but it is wierd, crazy and kind of awesome, so i give this book : GREAT . the best part i found in Scud#21 was inside the cover in the POOP column, Rob Schrab gives some inspirational advice that really hit home,

‘Learn from the pain of an old nerd. And take this bit of wisdom: if there’s something that you are procrastinating on, writing a book, making a movie or asking a girl out. Do it. Today. Be scared, be stupid but there is one thing you are not allowed to do : give up.

Empty your head. Empty it of all the ideas, stories, jokes, philosophies and inventions. Put it down on paper and share it. We are on this planet for such a short time; don’t hog the magic by dying with it all inside your head. Make your life extraordinary.’

- Rob Schrab 10/24/07

fuckin' A , Mr. Schrab

now here's some subway/bus sketches i've done in the past few weeks

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