Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The guy.....

I live by Don Mills & Lawrence. There is a Tim Hortons @ the corner & there is this overweight, green cardigan wearing, kinda crazy guy that hangs around & talks to anyone that'll talk to him.

Is it weird that I don't want to talk to him but I am a little offended that he doesn't ever choose me to have his awkward, weird conversations with?

He's pretty harmless & I've tried on a couple of occasions to sketch him but he always looks right at me when I do. This is the most successful I've been, just a quick ink brush sketch. Maybe one day I'll ask him to let me, but then the fun would be gone. Also, he would talk to me forever after that.


Dylanio21 said...

This might be your best post ever.

shane heron said...

Thanks, I'm thinking of doing more of this kind of stuff. You know, the little crazy shit that's all in my head?

On that same point, you know those people who work in the fragrance section of department stores that offer to spray cologne/perfume on you or on those little cards to let you smell it? They never offer me.

I don't want to smell it or get sprayed with perfume but I would like to be offered the chance to say, 'No thanks.'

I guess I just don't look like a guy who would buy cologne. I'll have everyone know that I do, in fact, smell very nice.

Dylanio21 said...

That's funny man.
You know me.
I like exclusively almost read what's in people's heads in comic form.
So if you took such a path, I'd be a huge fan.
I got Little Things and Seth on the bedside table.