Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pretty Good Movie Round Up: November

I watched some more movies, here's my thoughts.

CHOKE - I read the Chuck Palahniuk book that this movie was based on a few years ago & I really liked it. My problem with the movie is that it is exactly like the book. The film version adds nothing to story. David Finchers version of Palaniuk's Fight Club had it's own style, while Choke does not. I'd rather just read the book. LAME BRUNO - It's funny, it's basically gay Borat. Probably the gayest movie ever. GREATThe FUGITIVE - I recently rewatched the Fugitive starring Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones, & it is as BRILLIANT as it was in 1993. I love it. One of the best movies ever. DISTRICT 9 - When D9 came out in theaters a few months ago I had a friend tell me the whole story so i wouldn't have to watch it. My friends were watching it so I sat in and I really liked it. I like the documentary style of District 9. GREAT FUNNY PEOPLE - This movie started off really good, it was just too long. Rogen, Hill, Schwartzman, & Bana are all hilarious, & Sandler was better than he'd been in 10 years. I enjoyed the mixture of comedy with serious drama & the cameos by a ton of comedians (oh & Eminem). I know Judd Apatow had full control of this project and it was very personal to him, but that's exactly the problem with it. Funny People would be a lot better if it was cut & edited to make it tighter and less drawn out. PRETTYGOOD RUSHMORE - The first time I watched a Wes Anderson film was The Darjeeling LTD. (with the Digital Kontent boys) & I was very impressed. In fact, I was so impressed that I waited 2 and a half years before I watched another. Rushmore is great. I loved everyones performances in this movie. I love Wes Anderson's style of filmmaking. BRILLIANT. I think I will check out The Royal Tenenbaums, next.

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