Monday, November 23, 2009

UFC 106 - thoughts & results

These are probably the worst picks I've made, going 4 out of 9, with 1 draw. terrilble.

Griffin def. Tito Ortiz by decision (split) - I was hoping Tito wins only because I don't like Forrest but as the fight went on I realized that I really don't care for either guy. In the third round Tito completely gassed & was basically a punching bag. We really learned nothing from this fight, except that no matter how healthy Tito says he is he will still come up with a lame excuse when he loses.

Josh Koscheck def. Anthony Johnson by submission (rear-naked choke), rd. 2 - Kos fought a good fight & a smart one. Johnson needs to work a ton on his ground game if he plans to be a complete fighter. Rumble has a ton of potential & is very young but he always looks absolutely lost on the ground.

I liked when Koscheck called out Hardy & said he hasn't fought anyone good, even though he just beat his AKA teammate the week before. Thumbs up to Koscheck for trying to get a title shot by running his mouth. It worked for Carwin.Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Louis Arthur Cane by TKO, rd. 1. - wow! I really underestimated Lil' Nog. I picked Cane to win because I thought he had the advantage in striking & Rogerio hasn't looked that impressive lately. I was wrong, Nog was lean and fast with very crisp boxing. I am excited to see Nogueira makes some waves in UFC's stacked light-heavyweight division.Amir Sadollah def. Phil Baroni by decision (unanimous) - Baroni is Baroni, he fought exactly how we thought he would, he got the crap kicked out of him but he's tough as hell. Sadollah was not that impressive in his 3 round beating of Baroni. We'll see what happens with Sadollah but I remain unconvinced that he is a quality welterweight. I did find that Baroni's blood all over Sadollah was very aesthetically pleasing. Paulo Thiago def. Jacob Volkmann by decision (unanimous) - There was a lot of great technical grappling in this fight. Volkmann clearly needs to work on his striking. I like Thiago, I think he's earned his spot among the top 10 welterweights.Ben Saunders def. Marcus Davis by KO, rd. 1 - I was blown away by Saunders knocking out Davis. Saunders looked more mature then in his fight against Swick, but what will he be able to do when he can't knee his opponent from the clinch?Kendall Grove def. Jake Rosholt by submission (triangle choke), rd. 1 - Jake was all over Grove, throwing him around like a ragdoll. Rosholt needs to work on his submission defense & not tap the second he gets caught. Caol Uno & Fabricio Camoes Draw (majority) - I didn't get to see this fight. They say Camoes would've won if he didn't hit Uno with an illegal strike in round 2.

Brian Foster def. Brock Larson by submission (strikes), rd. 2 - Brock didn't look like he'd ever trained anything but top position grappling. I thought Foster wasn't ready for the UFC yet but he looked good. I am excited for Fosters next fight.

George Sotiropopulos def. Jason Dent by submission (armbar), rd. 2 - Both guys looked pretty good. Dent showed some quality striking but it was Sotiropoulos' more rounded game that proved too much for him.

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