Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 71st Birthday BOLO!!!

Today a great man by the name of Bolo Yeung turns 71 years old.
If you do not know who Bolo is, then I pity you & question your existence.
If you've seen Enter the Dragon then you know him as the Asian guy with the worlds largest pectorals who gets his ass handed to him by John Saxon.
But Bolo is most famous as 'Chong Li' the chalk throwing arch enemy of Jean Claude Van Dammes 'Frank Dux' in the 1988 masterpiece 'Bloodsport'.
Bolo was a friend to Bruce Lee, a wonderful heel in many great films such as Bloodsport, Bloodfight, Double Impact ( once again triple round housed by JCVD ), Shootfighter, Ironheart, Tigerclaws, Shootfighter2, Tiger Claws 2, & most importantly a hero to me.
Bolo was born in China in 1938 but still works out for 2 hours a day, is the chairman for the Hong Kong Gym Business Association.
We love you Bolo, Happy Birthday.

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