Sunday, May 11, 2008

akira and invincible

today my friends were watching Akira, the 1988 animated movie, based on the manga books by Katsuhiro Ôtomo. this movie is also directed by Otomo. now i usually don't dig Anime or Manga, other than Scott Pilgrim, but when i spoke with Frank Quitely at last years Fan Expo, he told me that Otomo was a big influence on his art, so i decide to give it a try. i thought Akira was a little long and the ending dragged, but it was PRETTYGOOD. the animation was quite good for 1988. the backgrounds were very detailed and the shots were excellent. and i can definitely see how influential it is on modern anime and comics. i don't know if i would watch this again, but i will probably pick up the manga books. i really liked the character of Tetsuo so much that i sketched this head shot while i watched.

i also, sketched these Invincible pics, cuz i realized that haven't drawn much of Invincible but i like the design.

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