Friday, May 23, 2008

more comics

here's the rest of the comics i picked up 2 weeks ago.

Mouse Guard #3 (of 6) - i'm not really paying too much attention to this story when i'm reading it because i know i'm gonna pick up the Winter 1152 hardcover when it's available, to go on the shelf next to my beautiful Fall 1152 hardcover. the art is gorgeous, though. GREAT

Narcoleptic Sunday TPB (Oni press) , by Jeremy Haun and Brian Koschak - i had forgotten that i had ordered this, i can't remember when but it was a while ago. the only reason i bought it is because it is about a narcoleptic dude. i don't know why but i like stories about narcoleptic's. i think this was artist, Jeremy Haun's first attempt at writing and it was alright. it was a little too Sin City-ish in plot and suspense, but it was a nice little tale. the art was good in some parts but very amateur in others. i like Koschak's layouts, story telling and characters, and especially his use of grey tones instead of solid blacks, but little things like crudely drawn hands, faces and overall anatomy take you right out of the story, as if you were at a portfolio review for a guy trying to break in. Koschak needs a bit of developing but will soon be a very good artist. i would read this again though. PRETTYGOOD

OMEGA the Unknown #8 (of 10) - this story is getting better and better, and questions are being answered as it wraps up with issue 10. Farel Darymple's art is spectacular. BRILLIANT

Thor # 8 - Marko Djurdjevic continues to fill in for Olivier Coipel, and i'm so very happy. there's not many other artists that could replace Coipel on Thor that i would be happy with, but Djurdjevic is definitely one. i do look forward to Coipels return though. oh yeah and the Odin story by Straczynski (JMS) was pretty good. i have a hard time telling if the story is actually good or if the art has been so incredible that i think the book is better than it actually is. feel free to give me your opinion on the new Thor series. in my eyes GREAT

last up, is the book i read first, Walking Dead #48 - i'm one issue behind everyone else but that's ok because i don't really read the online comic news, so it won't get spoiled for me. also, i've noticed that everyone who reads Walking Dead is careful not to spoil it for others. well, it was fuckin' BRILLIANT. i love this book, and i'm not a fan of horror or zombies.

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