Monday, May 19, 2008

Super hero movies

so, my bud Chank brought over some bootleg movies. i kinda watched 'em while drawing the latest Awesome Marcus Ninja.
first up was Iron Man - to be honest i wasn't paying attention the whole time, but from what i did see i thought it was pretty awesome. I'm not a fan usually of super hero movies but i think this is easily the best one i've ever seen. i would put Superman 1, and XMen 2 in second and third places. Robert Downey jr was excellent. this movie had the right amount of comedy and action, making it something a child or an adult can enjoy. GREAT

next was Super Hero Movie - i really did not want to watch this but i wasn't about to get up and turn it off, so i sat there and tried really hard to not like this. i failed. it's got a lot of shit jokes, i won't lie, but it also has a lot of really funny jokes. i kept saying out loud that this movie sucks, which, if you know me that's what i do during movies, and my room mate Andre kept saying from the next room, " if this movie sucks so bad, why do i keep hearing you laughing so hard?" i tried really really hard to not like this, sorry. GREAT

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