Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fan Expo (Aug 08) guestlist

there are a lot of really great creators coming into Toronto this Aug for the Fan Expo. i will say that there are some really 'wow' guests like, Alex Ross, Brian Bolland, and J. SCott Campbell, but it seems liek there is something missing. maybe it's because there is only 2 writers (Matt Fraction and Peter David) among the top headliners for this con.
if you wanna see the whole list check out Hobbystars site, i'm just gonna mention the creators that interest me.

Featured Guests ALEX ROSS Award winning illustrator - i'm impressed as everyone else that they got Alex, but i'm not waiting in hourlong line ups to get books signed. i love Kingdom Come and Marvels, but i dont think it'll be worth the hassle.

BRIAN BOLLAND Legendary illustrator - i may actually attempt to meet Bolland. his work is incredibly influential on me.

STEVE McNIVEN Artist, Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine - i love McNivens art and i think his Wolverine with Mark Millar will be out by the time of the con, so i'll probably get one of those signed.

J. SCOTT CAMPBELL Artist, Gen 13, Danger Girl, upcoming Spider-Man - i wasn't that amazed with Campbell's work until i recently saw his actual pencils pre-inked by Townsend in the latest issue of Rough Stuff. wow! he is a true master. i am very impress that he is coming to the con.

MARKO DJURDJEVIC Marvel cover artist, Thor guest artist, super talented painter - i love Marko's painted covers for Marvel and i'm especially loving his non- painted interiors on his Thor fill-in for Olivier Coipel.

C.B. CEBULSKI Avengers Fairy Tails writer, editor - i went to a work shop last year with C.B. and he gave me a lot of good info about how the business of comics works. he was too busy the whole weekend so i never did get a portfolio review from him. i will try again this year, and i feel my art is a lot better now than at last years Fan Expo.

FRANCIS MANAPUL The Legion of Super-Heroes artist - i am gonna try to get a Francis Shagaharamesh sketch. he said he'd do it for me at the Fan Appreciation event in April but i never did get around to his table. Francis is just an incredible artist.

Jeff Lemire the Essex County trilogy from Top Shelf, upcoming The Unknown from Vertigo - i can never get enough Lemire. i love his art. Jeff is truly a future super star. by the time this con rolls around we will know if he won any of his 2 Eisner award nominations.

NICK POSTIC , artist of Impaler - Nick is an incredible artist. i never got a chance to thank Nick for his wonderful advice that he gave me at last years TCAF.

all in all, great guestlist.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you like Secret Invasion AND you like Nick Postic, you should check out the following links on the Marvel site!

shane heron said...

thanks, i didn't know Postic was doing anything for Marvel. i will definitely check this out.

Anonymous said...

Postic's work on Secret Invasion: Home Invasion, is horrible. I can't believe they haven't replaced him, it's really bad!!