Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free Comic Book Day?

i got over to The Beguiling about 6 pm.
to be honest, i wasn't really looking forward to the free comics. i was looking forward to the awesome selection of indy books that only The Beguiling offers. it didn't matter anyway, cuz there wasn't any left by then. that's cool, i hope all the kids got some.
i did drop about $70 though. i did get some really cool shit. i won't get into detail until i've read 'em all, but i did get some stuff from some indy authors that i've been meaning to check out. i got a cool Top Shelf book ( Top Shelf is always good), i got a Dan Clowes book, an Adrian Tomine, and a Chris Ware book. i'll let you know what i think, as i read 'em.

i did get 2 books that i have read already. ya see, i went to Beguiling on my lunch break from work and when i got back i decided to read comics, instead of working.

i read

Local #11, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly - i didn't love this book. i only bought it because it is set in the Toronto art scene. i love Wood's DMZ, but i wasn't to impressed with this story. i liked Kelly's artwork. i didn't particularly like the people he draws, even though his style is Paul Pope-ish. i do love how he crams a ton of detail into his backgrounds. not bad, just not for me. this book: PRETTYGOOD

The Fart Party, by Julia Wertz - i love this book! i love the webcomic! i'm glad to have a collection of these funny ass strips. Julia's art is crude, juvenile and wicked, at the same time. if you've never read Fart Party, you gotta try it. i've posted a sample or you can check out the strip for free on her website. Julia will be attending HeroesCon in June and i look forward to meeting her.

here's some sketches i did today, while i wasn't working but still getting paid

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