Friday, May 23, 2008

more comics

Avengers: the Initiative #1 - i keep hearing great things about this book and now that it's revealed that Hank Pym was a skrull i figured i'd give this book a try from #1 and if i like it i'll catch up to the Secret Invasion stuff. i liked Stefano Caselli's art, but i think it might have been the colouring that put me off. not sure, but something about the art could've been better. story was alright but i didn't really want to read more, so i won't be getting anymore Avengers:Initiative. PRETTYGOOD

Daredevil #105 - wrap up to the Mr. Fear storyline was pretty solid. when is Murdock gonna catch a break? GREAT
Daredevil #106
- new storyline has Matt losing it. again. but still interesting. i really liked the art by (newcomer?) Paul Azaceta. i would like to see this guy really cut loose and not have to do his impression of series artist Michael Lark. GREAT

KickAss #2 - continuing this dumb kids real world journey into thinking he can be a superhero. Mark Millar writes, John Romita JR draws, it doesn't get much better than this. BRILLIANT

Lone Ranger #11 - i'll be honest, the art direction and covers by John (super amazing) Cassaday are not enough to get me to buy this book. i picked up this issue because half of the interior art was done by Paul Pope. i didn't really pay attention to the story because i don't plan on buying anymore Lone Ranger, but the Paul Pope wolf sequence was excellent.
the overall book, PRETTYGOOD.
the Paul Pope pages, BRILLIANT

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